Sam: You alright?
Dean: Define alright.

5.16 - Dark Side of the Moon

Her name was Thalia and she gave her life to save three. And so, as Thalia laid dying, her father Zeus found another way for her to live. 


Doodle of James Potter and Sirius Black. 

They are my favourite characters of HP since… forever. xD I havent draw them in a while. I am a really big fan of James so is sure I will upload more drawings of him :)

My dog`s name is Sirius too.. I wonder why? haha!


source - to Karri for making me the perfect theme 

make me choose |  asked me
stiles/lydia or stiles/derek


Imagine, these guys off to a quest for the very first time:

Frank: I can’t believe you ate the last pizza, I was saving it for later! 

Hazel: I’m sorry Frank, I though you didn’t want it! 

Leo: Hey lovebirds, quit bickering and look at the bright side! 

Jason: That’s it Pipes, let go of the rope, the Argo II isn’t going anywhere 

Piper: Not helping.

Percy: I swear, I didn’t mean for them to all come!

Annabeth: Your call, Jackson.


Commission of Percy and his dad [x]


Make a wishHarry.

Every morning, when those doors open, the runners look for a way out. No one has ever survived a night in the m a z e.